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AACCTPRO UV light installation throughout for antimicrobial disinfection. This is one of the most efficient methods for safeguarding a workspace from potentially deadly bacteria and viruses. Unlike chemical approaches to disinfection, UV lighting offers effective and rapid inactivation of microorganisms.

What is UV (Ultraviolet) Light?

UV light is a form of light occupying the electromagnetic spectrum between X-rays and visible light that is invisible to the human eye. One of the unique characteristics of UV light is that it is capable of inactivating microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria, and protozoa. This capacity has enabled the widespread use of UV Light as a chemical-free, environmentally friendly, and highly effective way with which to disinfect water against hazardous microorganisms.

UVLight HowItWorks
UV Light for Disinfecting Viruses and Bacteria

How Effective is install UV lights?

There is significant scientific research that has proven UV light can inactivate an extensive list of pathogenic protozoa, viruses, and bacteria.

Bacterial and viral microbes account for up to 80% of indoor air quality problems. Two-thirds of the viruses and bacteria listed below are vulnerable to a single pass kill rate. One-third are more susceptible to inactivation with each additional air change, with the inactivation rate reaching 99.98% quickly.


UV Light Installation and COVID-19

The National Academies of Sciences Engineering & Medicine reports “UV light has been shown to destroy other viruses, so it will probably work on the novel coronavirus. But UV light damages human skin, so it should only be used on objects that are surfaces.”

Since UV light has been shown to destroy related coronaviruses such as MERS, it is likely to destroy COVID19 as well.

UV Light to disinfect Coronavirus and other Viruses


Safety advantages of UV light as a Disinfectant

  • Is a chemical-free process adding nothing to the water.
  • Requires no transportation, handling, or storage of corrosive or toxic chemicals. This is a great safety benefit to both employees and the surrounding community.
  • Creates no carcinogenic disinfection by-products which might negatively affect water quality.
  • Is highly effective at inactivating a wide range of microorganisms – including chlorine-resistant pathogens like Giardia and Cryptosporidium.
  • Can be used (in conjunction with hydrogen peroxide or alone) to disinfect and break down toxic chemical contaminants simultaneously.

The cost advantages of UV Disinfection

The total operating cost of UV disinfection is electrical consumption and an annual lamp replacement.

By employing this solution, the safety threat of disinfection is eliminated. Because administration, risk management, leak response, emergency planning, and operator training are minimized and/or eliminated, operational costs are greatly reduced.

Installation and use of UV Lights for Disinfection

UV light fixtures constructed of stainless steel and equipped with UL approved fixture-to-fixture mechanical and electrical connections allowing for proper installation and coupling to A/C power.