Installation of Laminar Airflow with HEPA filters

Create a contamination free work environment

A laminar flow cabinet is a workbench that has been enclosed to allow HEPA filters to create a contamination free work environment. HEPA filters capture all particles entering the cabinet, making it suitable to work with any substance that is not hazardous for the personnel’s health.

The laminar flow unit can be applied to any industry that requires a clean and sterile environment such as:

Laminar Air Flow Installation
LaminarAirflow HowItWorks

How a Laminar Airflow UnIT Works

Air from the surrounding room is drawn through a High-Efficiency Particulate Absorbing (HEPA) filter unidirectional vertical descending flow into the working chamber. Air is then moved back into the environment from the working chamber through a perforation.

How a Laminar Flow Hood Works

A hood employs a unidirectional exhaustion of air in which air is discharged with a fixed velocity. There are two basic types of laminar flow hoods.

luminar installation

1. Horizontal Airflow Hood

Ambient air is drawn from behind the workbench and projected through a blower in the direction of an HEPA filter. The filtered air is then exhausted horizontally to the workplace environment. 

Horizontal laminar chambers require a larger workspace with more depth to provide a germ-free environment. As a result, they can be more difficult to handle.

2. Vertical Airflow Hood

Vertical airflow laminar hoods are more versatile and often have the most advanced technology for removing impurities. Steps to creating and using a vertical airflow hood include:

  • The illumination block is removed from a working chamber so there is no air flow turbulence.
  • The cabinet is colored with powder enamel that is resistant to disinfectant solutions.
  • A control until having LCD that indicates the operation mode chosen, switching of the systems, the device’s technological timer, and possible malfunctions is installed.
  • An electronic shield panel allows for disinfection and easy operation.
  • A UV light module disinfects the working chamber and all of its surfaces.
  • A fan on the ceiling of the cabinet moves air from the bench top downwards in a vertical direction,A

Choosing the right Laminar Flow Hood

for your work environment.

Because we specialize in supplying laminar airflow chambers, it is our task to guide you to the best type of product for your workspace. The main advantage of a vertical airflow clean bench is that it requires less depth and floor space than a horizontal airflow hood. Because a vertical airflow hood is more manageable, it has far less chance of collection of contaminated air downstream or airflow obstructions.

We work with you to make the choice that fits your workplace needs the best. Whatever option you choose there are several things you need to remember.