Innovative Disinfection

Anti-Viral/Bacterial Coating

One of our best-selling products is our anti-viral/bacteria coating and for good reason. Many hospitals, schools, and other institutions have found that safeguarding their environment from contact with deadly bacteria and viruses is best realized with these high-tech nanotechnology coatings.

Negative Ion Disinfection

While negative ions have a negative charge, virtually all airborne particles have a positive charge. This causes the opposite charged particles to be magnetically attracted to one another. When combined, the particles become too heavy to remain airborne and fall out of the air. This prevents the airborne particles to be inhaled into a person’s respiratory tract.


An air door or air curtain is a device used to prevent air or contaminants from moving from one open space to another. Virtually any business that has moderate to high traffic can benefit from an air door

Body Temperature Camera

AACCTPRO installs thermal body temperature cameras for your business or facility. While thermal body temperature cameras cannot detect if someone has been infected with a virus like COVID-19, they can detect elevated body temperatures both in private and public places.

Laminar Airflow

Laminar flow is used to create a  contamination free work environment through installed HEPA filters that capture all  the particles entering the space.

UV Light

Installation of UV lighting throughout your facility for antimicrobial disinfection. The application of  UV Light is used for the destruction of airborne organisms or inactivation of microorganisms on surfaces. 

Hands-Free Lighting

By installing hands-free lighting, power consumption is reduced because areas are only illuminated when people are present and viral infection is reduced because no one touches a possibly contaminated surface.

Hands-Free Toilet

Long before COVID-19, business and public facilities were already in the process of rethinking public restroom design. The traditional gendered bathroom with unencased urinals and foot-revealing stalls lacked the privacy and cleanliness of the gender-neutral, single-pod in Asia and Europe.

HEPA Filters
For HVAC Units

For the best level of protection against these airborne threats, an HEPA filtration system that works in concert with your HVAC is essential. High-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters can remove nearly 98 percent of virus particles.

24/7 Digital Air
Monitoring and Reporting

Air monitors are important for the safety of your workspace because they are like the proverbial canary in the coal mine when it comes to airborne health risks. If your workers are customers, wait until they’re aware of an airborne hazard, just opening a few windows is too little too late. The stakes are even higher with infectants like bacteria or COVID-19.