Highly trained engineers that work with your space, physically survey the area, and coordinate with all relevant parties to deliver our top class services with efficiency. We are fully equipped with all required personal protective equipment to guarantee AACCTPROTECTION.


AACCT stands for

Airborne – Aerosol – Contact – Conscious – Treatments

Our team consists of highly trained engineers that physically survey your space and offer an array of special disinfectants that meet your specific needs and space. 


Spencer CarlSaintCyr

Saint Cyr

Managing Partner

Graduated from the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine, where he received his doctor of dental medicine degree, after which he completed an additional three years of residencies in the specialty of Endodontics. Spencer Has spent the last 20 years building a network of state of the art specialty dental practices throughout southern New Jersey. He has been an associate professor of endodontics at the University of Pennsylvania as well as president of the alumni board. 

Spencer was born and raised in New York of Haitian parents. After attending Brooklyn Technical High School, he continued his studies at St. John’s University and the American University in Paris, France.

In his spare time that he doesn’t spend with his family, Spencer mentors young men and women for their intended development of their life passions and careers.  His passion for languages has led him to become conversant to fluent in five languages and is working on his sixth.  Spencer is also a proud member of Sigma Pi Phi Fraternity, also known as the Boulé.

Damon Pennington

Damon Pennington


Mr. Pennington Graduated from Indiana University of Pennsylvania with a B.S. in Finance. Mr. Pennington currently is CEO of the ATS Group, a Camden based government contracting company, concentrating in aerospace and defense contracting. 

He has been extrinsically pivotal in the development of downtown Camden, specifically involved in the strategic planning of Restaurant Row. Mr. Pennington’s entrepreneurial prowess, commercial development ingenuity and dedication to civic involvement has proven to be visionary, and has thus positioned him to be an asset to the Camden Downtown Redevelopment Board, an advisory board lending oversight and planning for Camden’s redevelopment efforts.

As a member of Sigma Pi Phi, Damon is dedicated to serving his community as an advocate and mentor for African American youth.

Lakim Desir

Lakim Desir


Lakim Desir, born and raised in NYC is an engineer in the Defense and Aerospace Industry with notable professional experience at Lockheed Martin and United Technologies, working radar technologies for the US Armed Forces and International Programs.

Lakim completed his academic studies at Binghamton University, Watson’s School of Engineering (B.S Industrial and Systems Engineering) and NYU, Tandon School of Engineering (M.S Management of Technology). His latest venture is with AACCTPRO which provides antimicrobial treatment for commercial facilities to eliminate the formation and retention of microbes on a surface.

Lakim is an active leader in the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) and is willfully committed to increasing the number of students in underserved communities who pursue STEM as a viable career option. Lakim is also a health and wellness enthusiast and his civic engagement includes decreasing the health disparity and increasing overall wellness for minority communities.

Tajira Martin

Tajira Martin

legal review and contracts

Ms. Martin graduated with a degree in Business Administration from Widener University and she furthered her education at Widener Law in Wilmington Delaware and received her Master’s in Jurisprudence with a Certificate of Regulatory Analysis and Corporate Compliance. Ms. Martin got her professional experience working for the ATS Group, LLC. as the government contractual compliance officer as well as a senior member of the financial review team.

Ms. Martin has supported Mr. Pennington and the ATS Group, LLC since 2011 managing over $18 Million in government contracts. Ms. Martin has a passion for civic engagement and mentoring the youth from under privileged neighborhoods. She is an active member of PSC Bonner Alumni association and part of the Widener University selection committee for PSC Bonner undergraduates.

The AACCTPRO system


AACTPRO offers a wide array of EPA registered and patented technologies to modify surfaces with durable long term antimicrobial and disinfection protection that kills and inhibits further growth of problematic fungi, protozoans, bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms that often exist in many common surfaces. In addition, the AACTPRO system offers skin and hand purifiers, air purifying filters, and laundry treatments. 

A team of engineers


At AACCTPRO, we distinguish ourselves from the vast majority of disinfecting services because we do not just address the past but the immediate future in an immediate, same appointment application to continue protecting your business against harmful viruses and bacteria for 90 days.

After we disinfect with an EPA registered, hospital grade disinfectant, all surfaces are 360◦ coated win and anti-viral and anti-microbial layer that instantly kills harmful microbes on contact and remains active for 90 days.


When applied to surfaces and/or incorporated into the manufacturing process, AACCTPRO forms a bond with surfaces creating a lasting antimicrobial coating.

That coating forms a self-assembling monolayer nano-bed shield of spikes that carry a positive charge which attracts negatively charged bacteria.

When these negatively charged bacteria are attracted, the molecular spikes pierce the cell membrane causing it to rupture and the microorganism to die on contact.


AACCTPRO utilizes state of the art thermal foggers that sanitize all common touch points including carpets, doorknobs, desks, telephones, computers, faucets, light switches, and elevator buttons. Some of the advantages of our thermal fogging system are:

– Highly visible fog that is easy to control and monitor
– Provides peace of mind to see the surfaces on which you are combating COVID-19 and other viruses.
– Small droplets that stay in the air longer and penetrate very small areas.



The spread of COVID-19 also known as the novel Coronavirus has been met by companies like AACCTPRO as well as its share of impostors. It is important to ensure whatever cleaning company or product you use follows The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommendations. We are determined to remain at the forefront in combating COVID-19.

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